Looking for a new stylish WHITE AX Node for my AX86U


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Until now I had a AC86U main router and an AC68U WHITE router as an AIMESH node in my living room (ETH backhaul).

I plan on buying a new AX86U router but also want to switch my node with a new AX one. Color MUST be white and inconspicuous. Merlin firmware is not necessary for a node.

Which one would you guys prefer in combination with AX86U? ISP connection is 500/500 with 1Gbps in a near future.




or something else...

Thanks in advance!


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Provided you don't need loads of speed on the node, then the RP-AX56 might be the easiest choice to set up. I actually went with an XD4 originally as it's so inconspicuous - identical specs, just it was a pain to connect to the GT-AX6000, and seemed to lose its settings after about a day.

*Considering putting the RP-AX56 onto a "timed" smart outlet as it only seems to come into play at weekends and public holidays when surrounding networks are busier!


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Hm, interesting choice. However, I think I need a bit more "power" on the node. Few smartphones, Firestick 4K and two laptops are (will be) connected to the node...

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