Looking for replacement of power hungry SAN

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This probably going to be my last post on this. I finally found time to pull the server out of the rack and swap out the X8SIL-F motherboard and X3430 CPU with the newer X9SCM-F and E3-1230. It booted instantly but i did experience network issues as the NIC's on the X9 are different from the X8 and since i was running the existing install, that didn't go down well. Doing a new install initially fixed this, but when uploading my config into TrueNAS, it was messed up again. Took me some time to figure out how i could get it to work through the shell. Now all is up and running really well. I am quite surprised with the noticeable performance improvement from the E3-1230 compared to the X3430. Both Plex and Nextcloud seem to running smoother and especially when playing 4K UHD movies through plex, the difference is huge. Where previously, a lot of buffering was needed and the film sometimes stopped to buffer again, all this is completely gone now.

I think i will leave this to run now for some time, unless ofcourse i bump into a Supermicro X11 motherboard and matching CPU for cheap :D

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