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LTE USB Dongle at full speed?

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I haven't had much luck searching the forum, or even using Google for that matter, so I decided it was time to start a new thread and see if anyone in the forum can answer this question:

Is there a way to bypass the Asus routers' speed cap of 25mbs download via a LTE USB Modems in the latest Merlin release?

I know that most do not use LTE as their main Broadband connection, but there are a few of us out here...

Any help or comments on experience from others would be great.

I'm in the US with the following setup:
ASUS RT-AC68U (380.59)
Sierra Wireless AC313U (AT&T LTE network with connection at -72db)

With the 313U plugged directly into a laptop, I get the following speeds:
DL: 86mbs (specs say up to 100mbs)
UL: 32mbs (specs say up to 50mbs)

Plugged into the Asus Router with a properly configure MTU setting of 1482:
DL: 25mbs
UL: 25mbs
Isn't the router's limited processor capabilities limiting the speeds for the USB modem? (Just a guess).
I have read elsewhere (I can't remember where) that OpenWRT allows this router to use a USB Modem at full speed. Unfortunately, OpenWRT is far beyond my novice capabilities so I pretty much rely on the hard work of others, like Merlin.
If it is true, about OpenWRT, then the Asus speed cap is code based. I am just curious if anyone else in this community has the knowledge as to what code would need to be modified, and if this is something that could be implemented into the Asuswrt-merlin build.
It's a question of if and when Asus updates their code, and besides RAS (ppp dialup) mode, adds the full speed NDIS (network card) mode as well for the LTE modems to use. Then Merlin could use that in his releases. Hopefully someone at Asus is aware of this issue, because it's getting more relevant each month, as LTE speeds go up. This is also the reason I had to abandon Merlin's great work in favor of Shibby's Tomato for my RT-N66U, as I jumped on the LTE bandwagon.

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