Migrated from N66U to N68U with Merlin. Now network shares don't work?

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Help. I had an N66U with Stock firmware. Kids are now homeschooling and secretly playing video games, so came across Merlin firmware. It's great to control devices. So I bought an N68U, installed Merlin. Everything was fine. Then, the other day, I noticed my old school Patriot Box Office's which had anonymous access to Windows 10 Shares with my N66U were no longer able to access the shares. I assume, the timing coincided with the new router and Merlin. I've rechecked the network settings on my Windows 10 PC (including regedits like LSA, LanManServer, allowanonymous, etc) and I keep thinking something with the new router and Merlin 'broke' my shares. In addition, in the past, my android phones could find the windows shares, but now they time out. In addition, one of my Patriot Box Offices, has a HDD in it. I can access the PBO HDD from my android phone, but not from my Windows 10 Machine.

I see in the Merlin interface, under LAN,RT-AC68U's Domain Name is blank... is that ok? I also confirmed that in the Windows 10 machine, SMB 1, 3 etc is installed.

Anywhere else I should look?? :-(

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