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NAS filesystem details in Articles?

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Would it be helpful if the NAS articles mentioned details about the underlying filesystem and internal operating system? For example, most (if not all) Synology products use a customised non-standard case insensitive version of the ext3 filesystem. This causes all sorts of problems for users trying to backup Mac OS X and Linux clients where folder and file names are case sensitive. How do you backup two folders or files with the same name but different case? eg config and Config. How do you install additional Linux utilities which require/assume a case sensitive file system? If your RAID1 NAS unit dies completely how easy is it to plug the disks into another system to recover your files?


Good idea.

I will probably create an entry in the NAS Chart Features page. ("Compare Features" button.)
100% agree.

The nas manufacturer should provide this as an available option for the end user.
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For RAID-1 enclsoures, it would be helpful if the entry noted whether the drive can be read using a standard drive enclosure, meaning if the NAS controller itself dies, you still have the ability to obtain your data using standard hardware.

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