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Need help determining why asuswrt-merlin failed

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I have an Asus AXE11000 running AsusWRT-Merlin 388.2_2. I switched over from the stock firmware 3 months ago and it has been running great.

This morning when I woke up at 7:41AM I had a notification on my phone that the app that controls my smart thermostat was unable to connect to the thermostat. This is usually an early indication that my router isn't able to cconnect to the internet--usually an issue with my cable internet service or the cable modem. I checked my ring camera app and the last successful health check was at 3:41am and all cameras at the location were showing offline.

I then turned on my phone's wifi and tried to connect my phone to the router. The phone saw 2 of my 3 SSIDs broadcasting (2.4 & 5ghz, not the 6e which made sense because I was a decent distance from the router) and attempted to connect to both of them multiple times with each attempt failing to connect to the router.

I flipped the power switch on the router off & back on and when it came back up everything was fuctioning properly again. This never happened when I was on the stock firmware so I wanted to find out what happened so I opened the log section of the firmware. For some reason the log is all jumbled up with a page with today's date, then a page from May and if you continue scrolling back up it then has more entries from yesterday and today, then May again. I don't understand why it's not in chronological order.

Anyway, in reading the recent log entries I don't see anything as an obvious failure or crash in the logs, but then I don't know exactly what I'd be looking for. I would post some of the logs however it has IP & MAC info.

Does anyone have any insight into what may have caused the router to fail when it has been rock solid until now?

Thank you.
The May date is normal. It's the default date the router has when it boots up before it's able to set the correct date from the internet.

As for your problem, post your entire syslog to pastebin.com and provide a link to it for us to look at it.

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