Need help... VPN cross access between office and home


New Around Here
Hi Asus Professionals...

I need quick help, I just set up a new Home WiFi environment with Asus ZenWiFi XT8 to replace my very old UBNT system (15 years old).
Now what I want to achieve is to access my Office servers/devices through VPN.

My Office Setup:
Router: Mikrotik RB1100AHx2
Connection: Telekom Unifi 300 with fixed IP

My Home Setup:
Router: Asus ZenWiFi XT8
Connection: Maxis Fiber 800

1. I already set up a PPTP VPN server from Asus Router
2. My Office can connect to My Home via Asus DDNS to the PPTP server, assigned IP
3. Office's Mikrotik router also set up a static route ( ->, masquerading and NAT all done.
4. My Office any devices/servers ( can ping to (Asus router), can ping (My Home Linux backup server) also any devices in in my Home LANs; which mean Office LAN can access my Home LAN.

Now my problem is that from My Home ( can only ping to but CANNOT ping/access any IP at my Office (

I tried to add "static route" in the Asus router ( ->, save reboot, etc. also doesn't help.

Any idea how or what I'm missing? Firewall (Closed)? PPTP passthrough (enabled), NAT? or anything else? I'm new to the Asus router interface, previously I manage to access from Office to Home and from Home to office with UBNT... Now I'm struggling...

Any help would be much appreciated, and many thanks in advance.

Stay safe and be protected.


New Around Here

Is ok now, I found it, the LAN > Static Route seems somthing else, I manage to find the route its actually in the PPTP VPN server setting it self, just "edit" and put in the Office LAN IP and then OK, apply, Works now.

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