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Need remote NAS that preserves timestamps

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New Around Here
I want a NAS that I can hang off my brother's network in another state for the sole purpose of keeping copies of my family's photos (we had to evacuate a year or so ago due to So. California brush fires -- and photos are the only really irreplaceble things we have; fortunately, the fire didn't reach us). So, my needs:

-- Small (500GB or so, BYOD is OK)

-- Quiet, low power

-- FTP *must* preserve timestamps; I use Beyond Compare (which knows FTP), and found out to my sorrow that the Buffalo Linkstation I bought a year or so ago cannot preserve timestamps, so running a compare shows that ALL files already on the LS are ALWAYS different from the source because files copied from the source to the LS get timestamped with the date of copying. This makes the LS useless for my purposes.

This is only for backup of a primary source, so RAID is not necessary, and speed is not critical (the internet link will be the bottle neck).

The Charts and reviews here do not seem to cover the timestamp issue (and this forum cannot be searched for "ftp" and shows no hits for "timestamp"), so I need Forum users' help, any of which would me most appreciated.

John Land

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