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Need settings for ZenWiFi Pro ET12 and Virgin Media - no internet

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I just bought a ET12 pack, to upgrade my ASUS RT-AX88U. I have set it up with the app (also tried via my desktop). It was all ok, but at the end the light goes red, no internet. I have set it up as wireless router (default), automatic IP. I have exactly the same settings in my AX88U, and it works. But it doesnt in the ET12. I have unplugged the WAN cable from the AX88U's WAN port, and connected it to the ET12 WAN port. My Virgin Superhub is in modem mode. I have no static IP, or anything special. In the AX88U, all WAN settings are default
Power off the hub as well as the router. Wait a minute before turning on the hub. Wait a couple of minutes for the hub to fully boot up and sync. Then turn on the router. Don't switch the ethernet cable back and forth between the old and new routers without doing a complete power cycle of the modem.

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