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Netgear Orbi - Ethernet Backhaul Through Switch Help

Discussion in 'NETGEAR AC Wireless' started by CorruptedMind, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. CorruptedMind

    CorruptedMind Occasional Visitor

    Jun 27, 2014
    Now I know I am wasting a feature that Orbi has that specifically has a it's own radio for wireless backhaul... But I would like to get Ethernet Backhaul working with my setup and could use help.

    I have Centurylink Fiber 1Gig up and 1 Gig down. In order to get rid of Centurylink's Modem/Router combo I had to utilize PPPOE and VLAN Tagging. I setup the VLAN Tagging on my TP Link Smart Switch (tl-sg108e) and plugged that straight into the ONT. I used Port 1 as the Tagged VLAN ID 201 and port 2 as the untagged port. I then applied PVID for port 1 and 2 for type 201.

    I successfully got this working with port 1 plugged into the ONT and port 2 plugged into the Orbi Router. I have the Orbi Satellite plugged into port 3 but it's not recognizing the Ethernet Backhaul. Is there any kind of bridging configuration on the switch that I would need to do in order for the Satellite to recognize the backhaul? Is this something that can work? I would appreciate the help from you smart folks.

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