Netgear R7500v2 (100% QCA MU-MIMO) First Impressions & Formal Review

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On my box is 512 MB RAM. Maybe there are two versions.
Look at photos below.

20160318_193034_1.jpg 20160318_193034_2.jpg
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Beta sample info you see on the FCC site can differ from final product. This is from my experience as a beta tester.


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NETGEAR Guy tracked down the answer:

R7500v2 is 512 MB
R7500v1 is 256 MB


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Please report on your experience with the new Kong's firmware!!!

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Please report on your experience with the new Kong's firmware!!!
Just replaced my Asus RT-AC66R with the R7500v2 and flashed the latest Kong build (12/2/2016), everything working great so far. MUCH better range through multiple walls in a "noisy" environment with many different WiFi signals than the AC66R. Going to miss Merlin's ASUS work, but so far the DD-WRT from Kong is excellent as well. Will update if anything changes or later on down the road if it keeps doing well.


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Just a heads up. Using kong 11/14/16 r30880 as a repeater bridge. Working great!!! Will try 12/2/16 soon.


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Netgear OEM firmware latest have ipv6 problem with comcast. Netgear is working on a fix.

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