Review NETGEAR RAXE500 Nighthawk Tri-Band WiFi 6E Router Reviewed

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The RAXE500 is a superb router. Been testing mine for a couple of weeks now (replaced Orbi RBK852 mesh) and much to my surprise, this single router is covering my entire small concrete home and out to the garage (where previous single routers never reached previously).

I have well over 40 devices connected including multiple 4K streaming and it has performed great! Haven’t rebooted once and all my devices (mostly Apple) have stayed connected and are getting full speeds in every room/location.

Another factor is my IoT devices are performing as expected. No unresponsiveness or disconnects. Don’t let the price scare you away.

I tried the Asus ROG AXE11000 a while back and it required constant reboots and my clients kept calling off repeatedly and getting slow speeds when 20 feet away from router. Disappointing.
Quick question: if Asus' stability issues were completely resolved, would you still recommend avoiding the Asus and getting the Netgear? (just out of curiosity)


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Does it have DoH over HTTPS like Merlins firmware, I saw the RAX70 recetly got that in an update. I have a RAX120 v1 there is no difference in v2 sadly, but it blocks Apples Encrypted DNS so I need to get a router that allows this feature, Asus routers seem the way but my 120 covers sucjh a huge aarea with its wifi the 500 would be tempting, but with no QoS or advanced features its a lot of money for not much router really, I mean the 120 never got a decent QoS I use it because of the wifi coverage but cheaper routers have more features. I would be tempted of it had DoH or DoT and a good QoS as my 120 is probably not going to get these updates.

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