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TP-Link RE815XE is the best Wi-Fi 6e Extender in 2023

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I just bought a RE815XE Wi-Fi extender to boost the Wi-Fi throughput across my 2BHK apartment since I already have 2 Netgear routers, it made sense to extend the Wi-Fi using a Wifi extender in Bridge mode.

Earlier I planned to get the Netgear EAX80 which is a Wi-Fi 6 & not a Wi-Fi 6e to complement the Netgear RAXE500 Wi-Fi router, the "e" here makes a HUGE difference if you're in a congested environment with lots of 5 GHZ networks, as it can use a 6 GHz radio, with almost 0 interference.
Wi-Fi 6e is like driving a Sports car on an empty Highway, with no traffic.

Here are the amazing results of using the TP-Link RE815XE extender (Bridge mode) in the bedroom with thick concrete walls in between.


Extender (Room) to Netgear RAXE500 router (Hall) (USB Attached to router) File Transfer:


I'm quite impressed with Throughput of the Extender with the 6GHZ band in the room. Although a dedicated NAS would have higher speeds.

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