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Network Setup

Discussion in 'Routers' started by Vanq, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. Vanq

    Vanq New Around Here

    Jun 17, 2019
    Hi all,

    New here but hopefully, some of you folks can assist.

    I've got a 3 router set up (all AX88U) using AI Mesh. 1 is backhauled and 1 is currently wifi but will be backhauled shortly and all working ok, although the wireless AI mesh doesn't seem to provide good connectivity for iphones (only thing which connects currently) but I haven't problem solved too much as it'll go wired.
    Quick speed test Fibre broadband, 48mbs down, 18.6mbs up, 11ms ping.

    Looking for how best to configure the router setup and also the network architecture to provide optimal settings, what I need to consider etc for the following usecases. And what tools should I use to see if things are functioning as well as I'd like or monitor.

    1. Pure online gaming performance for hardwired Corsair One Plus PC (Intel Ethernet I219-V running PROSet on default settings).
    Particularly is there a way to truly prioritise this (ie if netflix being used in another room throttle netflix to only use what's left. Do I need to switch off the camera's during gaming which I could switch off that switch using a smart plug for example)

    2. Running tablet dashboards on Wifi (Amazon Fire 10's) for Home Assistant connected dashboards with live camera feeds from Blue Iris on a separate PC

    3. New HDBaseT system (or similar) for distributing 4k signals. Possibly HDMI Fibre for connection between main PC and TV for gaming or will HDBaseT be fast enough with latency? Nvidia Gamestream doesn't support enough of my PC titles to use reliably.
    Any suggestions welcome? Considering using an AV such as Integra DRX-4 as that would add BaseT as well as do the Atmos.

    3. Overall network performance

    4. 6 IP cameras & Ring doorbell - should these be separated into a virtual LAN? All run to the same PoE switch. Currently hardwired into the main router, but could put this into the 2nd router which just does the bedroom if that's better. Again would the option to turn on/off during gaming help?

    5. Remote connections into system whilst away (this is probably something I need a separate thread for at some point

    6. Setting up the ability to plug in USB keyboard & Controller at different points to control PC. Thinking would need USB to ethernet adaptors but need to be able to connect 3 devices at the end and have this available in 3 locations so can I use a hub at the control end as well and how best to do this.

    I have 1 x TP=Link TL-SG1016PE - 16port gigabit easy smart switch and also 1 x TP Link TL-SG1016DE switch. Other connected items is a BTTV Ip tv box, nvidia shield (4k playback), LG Oled smart tv (4k streaming), printer, neeo remote, QNAP NAS and I use a BT openreach modem.
    I've got an old Cisco WAG320N which I don't use but could be used if needed.

    I've got a pretty reasonable technical knowledge so happy to tweaks settings and do what's needed, but haven't played around in end state routers for a while.
  2. Vanq

    Vanq New Around Here

    Jun 17, 2019
    Anyone got any help?