New DIR-655, upgrade firmware?

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I just got a new dlink DIR-655, H/W ver A4, F/W ver 1.21. When I logged in to the web gui and did the check for firmware update, it returned that it had the latest version. I know that is not true, their on 1.32na now.

What do you think? Should I upgrade?


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If V1.21 is working OK for you then leave it. Next step up is V1.31 however once you change to V1.31 or higher you CANNOT downgrade below V1.31.

Based on many forums posters they claim the router became flaky at V1.31 and higher.

I have an A3 that sits at V1.11 because when I go any higher the QOS features suffer. FYI, my TMobile phone UMA feature becomes very unreliable at V1.20 and higher.


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Originally I applied sp3 on my 2 WinXP AMD CPU PCs and could not connect wirelessly. This is why I upgraded my old A1 655 to 1.31- which killed its performance, and now I have a new one which may have not been the whole problem.

well I have not upgraded the firmware and all seems to be good. The dlink pci wireless nic DWA-552 moved to a intel Win7 PC connects at 300 immediately, no messing around to get the secret sauce of setting. BTW win7 is awesome.

Soon I'll have to reinstall XP and patch only to sp2 (thats when it did connect at 130/300) on the old AMD laptop to verify. Wife needs it for school.
win7 was a no go for any cardbus nics i had on hand, dwa-652 and a belkin G.

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