Review New In the Charts: ASUS RT-AX86U

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Product Review


New Around Here
I want to chime in here, but people reading these posts already have this idea. This is an amazing router. The 5 GHz performance is fantastic. I have a two-story home with a basement, and the router is installed in the front, top floor office. I can get excellent 5 GHz signal throughout most of the first and second floor. I replaced a Netgear EAX50 with the AX-86U, and the performance was clearly better. This is already evidenced from the chart. Also, I have to attest that the AImesh is also super handy; it is true, do NOT use range extension, but AImesh with WIFI6 is the way to go to reach even further. Regarding the software, I am super fickle with reliability and performance. I have never had an issue with the router since I purchased it in January, I have only ever rebooted it for maintenance, or when I needed to reconfigure wiring and disable the power. The 2.4 GHz performance is good, and provides the right coverage, and is about the same as the EAX50. I can get 940 Mbps LAN to WAN, although the latest software updates have given me problems on max throughput (posts suggest i need to disable some QoS features but I haven't gotten around to it yet).


Mr. Easy
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What he said :) :) and also, please will you?
I didn't mean to put Merlin on the spot. I think he's already weighed in with suggestions of where/how to check.

No security is perfect. WPA3 is better than WPA2, which is better than WPA which was better than WEP.


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
I would need a more precise question to ask than "Are ALL WPA3 security issues fixed?". I haven't been following the situation. Which specific security issue are you wondering about?

Also, there's a chance Asus might not want to publicly announce these kind of things, as they are security-related. I'm not aware of other manufacturers coming out and being open about it either.


New Around Here
That sounds crazy, it defeats the whole purpose of having a certification-program, doesn't it? If no one is using it due to costs?

I wonder how I can find out if the issues with WPA3 have been adressed or not. Looking through Rmerlins changelog and Asus's own router changelogs mentions nothing of dragonblood or side-channel-leak attacks, yet it was adressed in december 2020 according to WFA and Mathy vanHoef (the guy behind dragonblood)

I called ASUS tech support, but the rep had no idea what I was talking about. I sent customer support an email instead, hopefully an engineer will get it and provide answers.

Do you know where I can find out if the issues has been fixed?
I would love to know this, too. Thanks.

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