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Thank God! Let's all get off of them!

SmallNetBuilder has said goodbye to social media networks.

Read on SmallNetBuilder
Twitter brings out the worst in people and is used to spread lies and misinformation.
Facebook cannot be trusted to protect users personal data and also is used to spread lies and misinformation.
Google+ has been killed off by Google because they got caught being hacked and not disclosing it....
Great decision by you. I signed off of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram about 2 years ago for similar reasons and events since have only served to reenforce my decision. Feedly backend combined with Reeder frontend are all I need to point me to interesting/relevant content quickly. “Friends” can contact me directly.
Twitter is the fast food of social medias IMHO. Anyone can quickly push anything on it within seconds, from his smartphone while sitting on the can. Have to be careful how you chose to use it indeed. Personally, I've been lucky so far.

But then, any media can be used for spreading lies and misinformation, to be honest. Social medias just make it easier because any Joe Average can do it with just a few seconds of his spare time.

Twitter can be absolutely fantastic as long as you vet the people you follow and follow my golden rule - "You are never going to change someone's mind on twitter even if you have an airtight argument, so don't even bother"
Frankly, I was surprised to learn that you were on them.
I personally was not, except for a personal account on Facebook that was required before they allowed companies/organizations to create accounts directly.

All accounts were used only as alternative RSS feeds, i.e. article announcements only.
Good for you! I have new respect for SNBforums and will come here even more frequently.

Respect is earned through competence, consistency and lack of flamboyance or self-promotion. Stay true to your values.
We seem to be a like minded community here when it comes to social media. I fully support this move. Good on you thiggins.
I'm trying "Telegram", it seems to not censor so far and allow free speech.
I have never used social media, telegram looks interesting though. Someone else will have to tell me what I'm possibly missing.
so any alternative we can use instead of facebook... ?

Depends what specific need you want to address.

Keeping in touch with friends: mailing lists, forums, IRC, various IM platforms
Keeping in touch with celebrity news: Twitter, news site
I don't believe in social media. I am not going to hang me out on social media. I am old school. Forums are the way to go. Facebook does not know me. My wife, yes she loves it.
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