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NordVPN with Asus 88XU Pro UDP connection bandwidth limit when using Geforce now

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Hi everyone,

I have a 1Gbit internet connection and have installed NordVPN on a very capable router (Asus 88XU Pro using Asus Merlin) to ensure that the entire traffic is encrypted and I use standard configs.

Everything works well and I usually get around 200Mbit/s with OpenVPN and UDP. I have tested both P2P and regular servers.

The main issue I have is that very data-intense applications, especially Geforce Now (which is a cloud gaming application) are throttling. I would expect to get the same 200Mbit bandwidth for GeforceNow, but I somehow only get 4Mbit(!!).

When checking logs:

  • I get a lot of AEAD Decrypt error messages when using OpenVPN with UDP.
I have also tested it with another router (GL.Inet Bery AX) and get the same outcome. So the issue is not with the router.

I have also tested it with Proton VPN and for UDP OpenVPN I have the same issue. When I use Proton VPN TCP things work (so speed is ~ 80Mbit); NordVPN on TCP also does not work (i.e. speed is 4Mbit).

Does anyone know how to resolve this? Maybe there is some issue with the MTU config or so?

The other strange thing is, if I start GeforceNow, then, while it is running (and the speed is at 4Mbit/s) change some config in the "Customs Configuration" section of NordVPN and hit apply, the speed goes up and remains at the speed I would expect. If I then close GeforceNow and restart it, it again caps at 4Mbit/s (maybe this is a "glitch" in which the VPN is actually not being used)?

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