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Nortel VPN + DIR-655 Router

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New Around Here
Hi All;

Not sure if this should go here or not, so my apologies if this is in the wrong spot...

I purchased the 655 a couple weeks ago. Wired + wireless + internet work great, but when I tried to do some work from home the other day, couldn't get the Nortel VPN to connect. PC (XPSP2) is wired to router. Broadband is cable. Router is updated with latest firmware.

Spent 2 hours with the D-Link tech working many options -- none worked.

The office IT folks say the two open ports should be 500/4500.

Anyone have any suggestions? Your help would be greatly appreciated!!

You can test your connection first in the office with one of those techs you have there to make sure you can even connect? Then if you can't they can trouble shoot the problem by either uninstall the VPN client software then reboot re-install and configure it. If there is a problem then it's either on the side of your profile in Active Directory or the Ace Server used for VPN setup and administration. That's the way I would approach you problem. Then With RSA Token Key passcode in hand then you should be able to connect from home? These RSA Token Passcode Keys do fail and can't be repair due to the nature of tight security using them. All you can do is replace it but your company tech would do that for you.

Nortel VPN Connectivity and Cisco VPN can be tricky at times as to the nature of VPN.

Under Advanced in DIR-655 administration are:

Application Level Gateway (ALG) Configuration

PPTP : [x]

PPPoE : [x]

IPSec (VPN) : [x]

RTSP : [x]

SIP: [x]

By default all is enabled...
Thanx for your reply Tipster. I feel dumb, but it turned out Norton IS was blocking the incoming port. Should have known, but I relearned the lesson & now everything is working great. Thanks again, and thanks to Tim for the site to help noobs like me ;)

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