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Outdoor 4g wifi router?

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Hi folks,

Apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum or has been answered elsewhere.

Can anyone recommend a good external 4g wifi router in the UK?

I'm working on a barn conversion that's a 25 mile drive from where I live. There's no broadband connection to the site as-of yet. The mobile phone reception is patchy, but apparently O2 isn't too bad. I'd like to set up some IP CCTV cameras and be able to view them remotely, and possibly have them store data on a LAN-connected device. It'd also be nice to have a weather station connected to a Raspberry Pi or something for storage, and finally I've got a solar-powered water pump for a vegetable patch that is wifi-enabled that I'd like to be able to check on. These devices might be separated by 50m or more. I could run really long ethernet cables across the site. There won't be many other routers cluttering the channels, although there is a massive corrugated steel roof that might deflect signals.

A friend pointed me in the direction of ScanCom for pre-paid data SIMs. I think I'd like a router with some amount of configurability - I've flashed my ASUS AX-11000 with Asus WRT Merlin and like being able to fiddle with that, even if I get myself into trouble occasionally. In particular I'd like the router to act as a VPN server, so I don't need to NAT access to all the devices.

Thanks in advance for any help y'all can offer. If there's a totally different solution that makes more sense, I'd be happy to hear about it.
Thanks! I've ordered a Mikrotik LHGG LTE6 kit (as mobile phone signal is really poor), a Mikrotik Groove, and a ScanCom multi-network SIM. I look forward to getting very confused whilst setting it up...
I use LHGG LTE6 as a backup internet connection and it does the job perfectly. Setting up was not easy

Yeah? What fun should I look forward to? Any hints that I might find helpful?

It's already going to be painful if I have to faff about with a Windows app and Wine!
Look here...

I've had problems with the LHGG LTE6 - no internet connectivity, modem seems to stop responding randomly, and the biggest show stopper is that now the SIM socket seems to have broken :/
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