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Pce-86ac or 88ac adapter

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So my room mate has cox gigablast, and with it the Technicolor CMG4141 modem. If I read it right it has built in 3x3 mimo antennas.

The modem is stationed at the opposite end of the house, and is a good 50ft from my PC.

Would I see any extra benefit with the 88ac adapter? I understand it's up to 2100mbps but could it theoretically be seen between the adapter and the modem? Or should I save $20 and go with the 86ac and match the 3x3 mimo antennas?
Nothing will connect at their theoretical speeds at that distance and the expected walls and other obstructions. ;)

While matching the antennae streams will be beneficial, I would be considering something like an RT-AC56U in Media Bridge mode instead. :)

Just as stable if not more so, IME.
AFAIK mimo can work faster only on short distances, so its good whatever you take 50ft away with one ore more walls.
2.4G w/o MiMo will probably be faster than 5G.

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