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port forward, and Tomato firmware TUF ax3000 v2

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i installed Tomato but it still has the ASUS GUI so i'm not sure what's different
anyways trying to port forward and i only see a OPEN NAT for gaming which has single ports
edit: ok i found WAN> port forward, but it's still not going through

how do i get filezilla set up? some passive/active and make sure it is allowed through firewall, and i don't have Portmaster running
not sure why i can't get it on WAN...
it just says 'Loading... ' on ftp client
i hope i set up local port and everything correctly, and the forwarded port. when i disable it, it doesn't even pause at Loading so it seems it's almost working.

also noticed on LAN i wasn't quite getting 2.5gbps on cat6a
i did a LAN speedtest.
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