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Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of buying a AX55U to place behind my ISP router (coax, hitron chita modem/router). The main reason is to allow better parental control and network protection, given that my 9yo daughter is now starting to be a heavy user of internet (she has antivirus protection in the laptop but I would feel more comfortable limiting access to certain sites and have more control over my network). A few days ago I bought an ax58u but had some issues with providing my maximum internet performance (500/100) via wifi (I do not use ethernet), and so I had it returned. Nevertheless, I kept reading as I found it odd that such a new and middle of the range router was unable to provide 500/100 over wifi when it is rated as 3000mbps, and noticed that these asus routers seem to have problems when playing with QoS (which I did) that are only solved with a reset (which I didn't. I only did reboots!!!). When using the asus ax58u I was getting download speeds around 300/400mbps (before playing with QoS I did get the 500/100), but my ISP router would give me the 500mbps (only ac, MU-MIMO wave2) consistently with the routers placed almost side-by-syde. Hence the return, which I now regret as I bought it on the cheap and now the price has increased (€129 vs €179,99) !!!

Anyway, given that wifi6 is still not clearly defined, I decided not to spend the €179.99 in a new ax58u and eventually just go for the ax55u if it is able to handle my speed requirements, with AiProtection enabled. The idea is to get the protection (main reason for buying it) and in a year or two get a new router when the wifi6 standard is (hopefully) clearly defined. Does anyone with the experience with this router (or similar) clarify if it is able to do the job (manage a 500/100 connection with AiProtection on), and if it is possible to disable the wireless based on a schedule (the ax58u had that functionality built-in in the Professional tab on wireless).

Also, I found it odd that the ax55u has a quadcore CPU and the ax58u a triplecore CPU, both at the same frequency. It seemed strange that a more expensive router would have a lower specd CPU (although it has more RAM/flash). There is the issue of USB port, but I really don't need it.

Thank you all!

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