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Problem with updating firmware on RT-AX88U Pro

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I'm currently using 3004.388.5 firmware. I tried several times to update the 3004.388.6_0 firmware via the router's web interface. After completing the update process and manually rebooting the router, the firmware number did not change and remained 3004.388.5.
Welcome to the forums @Capella.

Safely remove all USB drives (from the GUI). Physically remove them.

Reboot the router via the GUI.

Let it settle for 5 minutes after the reboot.

Upload the correct and verified (hashes) firmware for your model.

Note that the RT-AX88U Pro and older RT-AX88U are not firmware-compatible with each other.

If the above doesn't work as outlined, also remove any Ethernet cables (even the WAN) and try again.
I have the RT-AX88U Pro and successfully upgraded to 3004.388.6 today fine, so I can confirm it can work. I was going from the .4 release, so slightly different.

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