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AX88U Pro (3004.388.5) suddenly rebooted mid-day. Last manual reboot was a few days ago.

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I have an Asus AX88U Pro as the sole router for our home network. No AiMesh nodes. There are about 50 devices connected, ranging from computers and phones to IoT / smart home devices. This is a recent hardware upgrade from an AX88U. I installed Merlin after initial setup, fresh out of the box. I did not backup + restore my settings from the AX88U, but transferred them by hand.

The router suddenly rebooted in the middle of the day, and there wasn't anything obvious in the logs to indicate why. The last manual reboot was about 2-3 days ago.

  • There are no third-party modules or scripts
  • There is no USB drive attached
  • QoS is not enabled
  • Dynamic DNS is enabled
  • There is no scheduled reboot configured
  • Port forwarding is configured (less than 5 services)

It is currently running 3004.388.5 as I haven't had time to update to 388.6 yet.

Attached is the log, with some private / personal data redacted.

I see two "bad block" entries in the logs; however, I also see other threads on this forum indicating that this is a normal occurrence, so I've discounted that.

Any suggestions for what else to check in the logs in the /jffs folder (or anywhere else) that might give a clue as to what happened? Are there known unexpected reboots on this model, this version of Merlin, or the general Asus code base?



  • ax88u_2024-04-13_syslog.txt
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