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Hi, I have the Asus Blue Cave. Last night Asus (or someone) abruptly pushed a firmware update to my router. I was watching NetFlix at the time and my TV all of a sudden reported I had no network and please reconnect. An hour later by chance I noticed the router firmware version didn't sound familiar so I looked on the Asus site. Sure enough, the new firmware was minted yesterday.

So I'm betting Asus was the one pushing the firmware, not Dr Evil, but I still find it unsettling that someone "out there" can just reprogram my router whenever they see fit. By what mechanism do they do this and how the duck do I turn it off?

Is this normal or are we just all about love now?
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Asus doesn't push anything. However, your router might check for the availability of a new firmware, and if so apply it automatically.

I don't know if Asus made it user configurable on the Blue-Cave, check under Administration -> System or on the Firmware Upgrade page if there is any scheduling option available.
OK, I don't doubt it's working the way you said, but there is nothing on the firmware page or any of the admin pages to control that or to hint that's what it's doing. So the router phones home sometimes. I can live with that. Sorry all for the alarm.
Did you configured or managed the router with the ASUS app? It is suspected to schedule a firmware update when one is available.
I configured using the web interface. Are you saying that there's a separate app as well? Naturally I want to use whatever gives me access to the most parameters.

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