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  1. P

    Blue Cave traffic analyzer statistics not kept longer then 3-4 days

    My Blue Cave router Traffic Analyzer never shows traffic statistics for more than 3-4 days back when I choose "Show by monthly". I suspect it's the lack of internal storage causing the older data to be deleted. I hoped the USB drive would allow for more data stored but it didn't and I couldn't...
  2. S

    Kasa outdoor plug and the mystery of the disappearing 2.4 band?

    Hello all. I have an Asus Blue Cave AC2600 that I am running on the firmware 2 before most recent - per this thread about that topic: All has been fine since and I've added more Hue lights, a Kasa dimmer switch, etc...
  3. B

    bulk edits of client list / manually assigned IP's

    Hi I'm running a Blue Cave with stock firmware. is there a way of doing a bulk renaming of assets in the client list, or a bulk uploading / configuring of manully assigned IP addresses? I was thinking along the lines of downloading the appropriate file, editing it then uploading to router /...
  4. M

    DHCP assigned IP issue with Blue Cave as AiMesh router

    I just got a Blue Cave to replace an RT-AC68U as main router in a 3x RT-AC68U AiMesh. Then I'm seeing issue in getting manually assigned IP from DHCP: 1. if the devices are connected to the Blue Cave (main), they get the assigned IP 2. if the devices are connected to the other nodes, they get...
  5. H

    Best Replacement AC1900 Router, Factoring In Firmware and Reliability

    Hi all, It's my first time posting here, so I apologize if anything I write violates forum etiquette. I chose my current router, the D-Link DIR-860L, in 2015 based solely on value for performance from the Router Ranker data, but I realize now that this approach is quite a gamble...
  6. I

    ASUS Blue Cave drops WAN connection to NETGEAR CL500

    I purchased an ASUS Blue Cave router over a year ago when they dropped below $100 on sale, as I already had a couple of T-Mobile Asus routers converted to AC68U's running AI Mesh and wanted a newer/better front end for the system. So now I have the Blue Cave and 3 AC68U conversions running as...
  7. S

    Issues with latest Blue Cave firmware?

    Hi everyone. I've had a Blue Cave for a few years now and despite what seem like mixed results for some its been rock solid for me and better performing than the 68u it replaced. In other words, I was really happy with it. That is until the new firmware came out this month -
  8. R

    Blue Cave VPN policy rules

    hi. I have a Blue Cave and I am unable to set a policy to route certain clients via my work VPN while others not. With my previous router I could set a strict policy to make a client ip go through the VPN. Without this setting it makes the router kind of useless for me, kind of like having a...
  9. T

    ASUS Blue Cave + 2 x Lyra-mini (aimesh)

    Hi, I have configured my ASUS Blue Cave as my main AIMesh router. I have connected through wired connections 2 x lyra-mini aimesh nodes. A switch is linking all 3 together. Both nodes show off in the Asus Blue Cave Aimesh config page, so that's working. My Asus Blue Cave is sending out a 2,4...
  10. C

    Problems adding Blue Cave to existing Aimesh

    These blue cave APs are a great price point, but I'm not sold on their functionality. I was able to add on to my existing network, but it causes stability issues and there is an SSID broadcast with no password. This ONLY happens when the Blue Cave is on. I'm also having an issue trying to add...
  11. C

    AiMesh help please

    Good morning. I recently purchased an Asus blue cave router to connect it via AIMESH with the RT-AC68R that I currently have. The blue cave I am using it as the main router (connected via Ethernet directly to the modem in the first floor) and the RT-AC68R as the node upstairs (second floor)...
  12. S

    Asus Blue Cave and USB Drive

    Hi Everyone, I have recently bought Asus Blue Cave router. This is the first time I am trying to use the USB 3 port of the router (partly because my Verizon provided router did not support it). I am facing a weird issue wherein I can see the drive connected as USB 3 drive on main page of the...
  13. sanke1

    ASUS Blue Cave Firmware version

    ASUS Blue Cave Firmware version Improved connection stability Download Link
  14. G

    pushed firmware update

    Hi, I have the Asus Blue Cave. Last night Asus (or someone) abruptly pushed a firmware update to my router. I was watching NetFlix at the time and my TV all of a sudden reported I had no network and please reconnect. An hour later by chance I noticed the router firmware version didn't sound...