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Just saw the QNAP TS-119 on their site and came here to see if anyone had noticed. You did three days ago. Time to hit up the QNAP reviews - this unit looks too good.

Looking for a low cost 2-Bay min iSCSI target to dink around with. Amazing though that in just 2 bays you can get 4TB of storage.

Too bad Apple hasn't developed an official iSCSI iniator. I guess I'll use the GlobalSAN free one.
I wish they could make a 3 Bay or 4 Bay version.

Although by the time they "decide" to make one, may be 3TB HDD will already be avalible.
Hi tim hello all,

i had a first view on the TS 219 and have done a small "speedtest" comparing a ts 219 and a ts 209 pro.

feel free to asked me.



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Hi Tim

Is there any chance of a review of the QNAP TS-219 anytime soon ?

I think the TS-219 is exactly what I am after, and unless there any showstoppers from your review, exactly what I'm going to purchase.:D

No. Not soon. I will be getting a TS-119 shortly, though.
Finally a NAS with decent performance or the performance everyone expects from NAS.

75 - 80MB/s Read

That sounds good enought for me.
I ordered the TS119 over the TS210 and am waiting for it to arrive. Thanks, as the site and forum has been a big help in making a choice. Ultimately I decided that it was better to invest in a fast cpu and more memory than to go with a similarly priced multiple bay solution.

I'm only using it for home so raid wasn't a big factor. As I have learned - raid is not a backup solution, anyway. So I will just stick to backing up to an external drive and enjoy faster performance.
Chevrolet monte carlo
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i had a first view on the TS 219 and have done a small "speedtest" comparing a ts 219 and a ts 209 pro.

Christian, how did you manage to get the ATTO benchmark to run on a network/NAS drive? If I map a network drive to my TS-219P, ATTO does not show it in the drive dropdown list, but only lists local drives.

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