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QNAP TS-219P Turbo NAS vs Buffalo TeraStation Duo

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Qnap TS-219P or Buffalo TeraStation Duo TSWX1.0TL/R1 ??

  • Buffalo TeraStation Duo TSWX1.0TL/R1

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Best 2 Drive NAS: QNAP TS-219P Turbo NAS vs Buffalo TeraStation Duo

I just bought the 219P but haven't set it up yet.
Now i just found the Buffalo TeraStation Duo and am wondering which unit is better?

From what i can tell from the NAS chart the they run at about the same speed even though the QNAP has a 1.2GHZ processor and the TeraStation has an 800MHZ processor.

The TeraStation seems to take less power at 16w running and 9w idle. The Qnap takes 28w running and 9w idle. Its hard to tell but the fan looks larger on the TeraStation which might mean it runs quieter than the Qnap or at least it would make upgrading the fan to a silent one with good air flow easier.

The Qnap has the ability to take 2.5" drives which means its more future proof as upgrading to SSD in the future will be possible.

Does anyone have any experience with ether of these products?
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