R9000 Voxel - controlling guest network

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Hello! Thanks for letting me into the community :)

Today I discovered and installed the Voxel firmware for my Nighthawk X10. I didn't have high expectations but wow - Voxel, Thank you!!!! I have also added the Kamoj addon, and enabled SSH.

I am trying to control the guest network by SSH (or Telnet), and have written a simple script that does just that, but if the router reboots with the guest network off, I have to use the web interface to restart the guest network; I assume, therefore, that what I've got working is a hack job lol :)

This is the script I use to turn off the network:

/bin/config set wlg1_endis_guestNet=0
/bin/config set wla1_endis_guestNet=0
/sbin/ifconfig ath11 down
/sbin/ifconfig ath01 down

And a remarkably similar one that successfully brings the guest network back up. But like I said, it will not work if the guest network is down at the time of a reboot. When that happens, I get the following error:

ifconfig: SIOCGIFFLAGS: No such device

Notably, "my script" leaves the interface (ath01 and ath11 for 2.4 & 5) up, but unassociated; whereas if I reboot the router with the guest network off, the interfaces do not exist until I use the web interface.

What I'd like to do is start the guest network after a reboot via command line.

Many thanks for any help anyone can give.

(Note: this is all part of limiting times for my kids, in case anyone was wondering)


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What if you keep your Guest network on and add the Guest turn off script to rc.local so is executed every time it boots up.


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That's certainly an option, but what I'm really looking for is the ability to control the guest network as if I was on the guest network config page, checking & unchecking the box to switch it on & off.

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