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Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi for a DIY NAS ?

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webmin just is a WEB Gui and gives you headless access + terminal access through the gui. It doesn't change anything unless you tell it to.
Only other thing to mention is, depending on the distro packages, you might need to enable some of the plug ins within webmin.

Also, while it covers most settings you'd want there are times it doesn't cover some options and manual config file edits may be necessary.

I'd still recommend it though for easy use and general versatility.
I have no idea where you guys pull out that Seagate drives are less reliable than WD ones - do you actually have factual information? No, BlackBlaze doesn't count! I've been using exclusively Seagate drivers for 10 years now and have yet to see one fail me so far. Most drives are IronWolf 4TB NAS drives with 1 that is a "Desktop" drive (took it out of its USB enclousure). However, 1 WD Red 4TB drive failed me (bad sectors) after only 2000 hours of operation. Of course, I've replaced it with another Seagate IronWolf 4TB drive and am still happy, now over a year.

I think most of you guys are stuck in the past where, indeed, Seagates were less reliable and had firmware bugs that made them lose data and/or crash. This is not the case today!
And that's why companies value reputation so much.

I've been using Ironwolfs in a DIY NAS for years with no issues. Meanwhile a friend has had more than 1 WD Red fail on him and tripped over them quietly changing the drive spec from CMR to SMR in the process without telling people.

Despite that stunt WD still get the rave reviews.
I've personally had 2 Seagate drives fail and that's why I can't stand behind them. Though leaping to the enterprise level drives seems to be a different story. I'm just not willing to let a company burn me 3 times. Sure, I had one new WD show up DOA but, that sort of thing does happen. Since putting them into service though they have been solid for 4+ years.

It's harder today though to diversify options since they've all consolidated into 3 options for the most part.
It seems that there are good chances to get my hands on a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM and 64GB SanDisk card, from someone who no longer needs it.

Because I don't know at all how these Pi's work, I would like to ask you... How much do they heat up? Do they need a fan? Because I really wouldn't like to have a fan that buzzes all the time... Or, does this Pi turn on the fan only when needed? Would a passive cooling with just a radiator be enough for the NAS function? What power does it consume in idle?

I run three under the tv, I replaced the fans with cheap ones from amazon. They are virtually silent, I had one once that was whiney, but changing the fan fixed it. They don't get very hot as long as they are not overclocked. I run adguard home, minecraft and plex on mine. (although the plex one is now off as it didn't run that great)

If you're interested they run a great MC server , I used https://github.com/Cat5TV/pinecraft , it easily runs a nice 8 player creative for the kids.
The performance side of things got covered earlier in this thread so I'll leave that alone.

For the design you mention, the UPS is a new factor. Given the power that constraint adds, the 2 disks (rather than 1) and hub are just burning power you don't really want to waste. (Though in reality the Pi probably won't top 5W rather than the 15 you've budgeted - that cluster I mentioned earlier trundles along at about 22W including an 8 port switch and its doing a lot more than you're suggesting.) What runtime are you hoping to get out of the UPS?

I seem to remember you saying you weren't going to Raid the disks so a single disk direct connected would be better. Even if keeping 2 I'd still ditch the USB hub - or are there other items you're adding you've not mentioned?
I'd have thought it should manage that but depends on spec.

If the UPS isn't connected by USB to another machine already, take a look at Network UPS Tools (aka nut). That can pull stats about power usage, estimated run time on battery etc
FYI, that should be 'alternating current'. :D
Hi, all !

First of all, I don't understand why people are arguing about if I should buy a NAS or make one... I put this post here at DIY section, so I thought it was obvious that I don't want to buy one. :) I like to experiment and I want to make my own. I was doing electronics for about 15 years, and I have some idea about electronic components. Now I'm retired for some years, because memory problems and lack of time...

I am a verry beginer in Pi's, I was aware of their existence for the first time a month ago. But it was love at first sight ! I like verry much the idea of a mini-computer and I understud how it works in just few days. I want to make a Pi NAS because it is a more flexible solution. The software of this devices can be constantly improved by updates ! I will not store very important data on it, so I do not need redundancy and fancy RAID configurations. I just want to access those HDDs as they are... I like OpenMediaVault too, because it has a simple and intuitive interface which is exactly what a beginner like me needs...

Do you think that with Raspberry Pi 4 and OpenMediaVault could I get a cable transfer rate of 100 MB/s?
This maybe?

I run a pi 4 as a nas and are quite happy with it. Im using the one from the youtube link. But i don't like the sound of the fan.

It's a damn shame pi 4 only has WiFi 5 and the speed is limited to 100/100.

I saw some other candidates some week ago, i'l try to find it again and update this post.
Hmm, to me it looks like being kicked out of the bedroom and being made to sleep in the garage!
As I said earlier in this thread - this is not really a NAS due to multiple failure points. It is DIY fun project though and I like it.

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