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Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi for a DIY NAS ?

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Do you think this is the final form?

You can make the cables nicer, but you can't change the fact your data travels through multiple controllers and conversions and all the hard drives share the same data bus with 4x mechanical USB connectors on the way. I like the enthusiasm, but this is nothing more than fun DIY project.
The failure points are only in your imagintion. This is solid as a rock ! Compared to commercial NAS, which get corrupted if the power is interrupted when the HDD is writing, this one has a backup battery and can never fail ! :cool:
I think none of you have carefully read what I posted. Do you think this is the final form? I said twice, this is just the prototype, a test version, to see if it works. When it will be complete, it will have a nice and strong case, without all that wire web...

You can make fun of me, as that I sleep in the garage, but none of you who are buying ready-made NAS, will ever know the joy of building something with your own hands and your own inteligence.

That was more of a "wife made you sleep in the garage again?" -joke.
Because everything that is custom made has a superior quality compared to those built for consumption, where you are limited by a budget and you can only put cheap parts in it.

Not in this case. I have posted already what is much better in both reliability and performance and even cheaper on Page 1 of this thread. I'm using similar DIY setup on 3rd set of drives already (upgraded to higher capacity) for number of years and 24/7 operation powered by common APC UPS.

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