RBR50 WLAN reboot issue

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I have a RBK50 (RBR50+RBS50) orbi setup. The router+satellite setup has been working great last couple of years with different firmwares. Recently i started seeing Wifi drops in devices connected to RBR50. On debug, i see that the router's (RBR50) wlan link is not consistent. Every 90secs the link goes down and comes back up and the cycle keeps happening. I have painstakingly tried many NG versions ( as well as Voxel versions (V9. with full reset and doing basic settings from scratch and primarily checking if the WLAN is stable. But the issue persists. The LAN connections on the router are working fine. Both LAN and WLAN connections on the satellite are working fine. Has anybody else faced this issue. Please let know any other suggestions or checks that could root cause the issue. I have attached a gif of the issue. Thanks in advance for any help as i am totally at loss to identify the issue and a fix.


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New Around Here
Guys, has nobody faced this issue. I am not a networking guy and do not have much expertise. But i sure can help in getting logs that can help in debugging. If anybody can help please let me know. Else this is truly going to be a brick. Thanks for any help.


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