Receive email or RSS on new Merlin stable release?


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I find that in the last years I login on my Asus web interface less and less often, maybe twice per year.
In the same time I would like if possible to be notified via email or RSS about new stable releases of Merlin firmware and install them as soon as I hear about them.
Do you know of any such channel?

Thank you!


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I believe Sourceforce has RSS feeds.


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I added the firmware update notification to my WAN IP Email script wicens

Just need to setup Email credentials and enable for Firmware updates.

Currently untested, relies on built in update-notification script but in theory it should work.


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I had the chance to test this last night as Im still on 386.3_0... appears to be working as expected if anyone wants Email notification for firmware updates...

My understanding is RMerlin has it set to check every 48hrs

Dec 17 03:57:20 watchdog: New firmware version 386.3_2 is available.
Dec 17 03:57:20 custom_script: Running /jffs/scripts/update-notification
Dec 17 03:57:20 [2022]update-notification: Started wicens with pid 2023
Dec 17 03:57:21 wicens[2023]: fwupdate : Started by update-notification trigger, sending firmware update notification
Dec 17 03:57:23 wicens[2023]: fwupdate : Finished sending Firmware update notification Email
I need to correct the formatting of the logging of the script call... minor issue but triggers my OCD :oops:


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I follow @RMerlinDev on Twitter with push-notifications on new posts.

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