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Recommend MoCA 2.5 4-port Splitter ?

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I've just recived and tested screenbeam 2.5 MoCA adapters by connecting them using a coaxial cable and verified that the adapters do work. Currently, I have this setup which was leftover from my previous cable modem setup. However, now I currently have fiber FTTH and no longer use Coaxial setup. After hooking up the tested screenbeam MoCA 2.5 adapters both are using the latest firmware: 1.17.5 and HW: AM1 version.

My setup is as follows:
Coaxial In from external demarcation ----> MVRAM502B 4 port +1 VOIP https://www.antronix.com/datasheet?id=ds1195-ar-a01_mvram502b.pdf MoCA Residential Amplifier - 4 Port

1. Can someone please recommend me a reliable 4 port MoCA 2.5 compatible splinter?
2. What's the difference between active and passive MoCA splitters ?

Thank you in advance.
For a 4-way MoCA splitter, the usual recommendation was the Holland Electronics MoCA GHS-4PRO-M. However, the Amphenol 4-Way Digital Coaxial Splitter MoCA 2.0 ABS314H is essentially the same, as they bought out Holland...

Don't forget to add a good POE filter to the input side of the splitter, preferably with about 70db rejection:
The Holland LPF-1002-70 MoCA POE Filter is still available on eBay:

or you could get the PPC Glp-1g70cw MoCA Poe Combo Wave Filter -70db

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And because of the problem with fakes on marketplace sites like amazon and ebay, I would recommend purchasing these items from a specialist retailer or electronics distributor like mouser or digikey.

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