moca 2.5

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  1. C

    Troubleshooting and Diagnosing MoCA Network (ScreenBeam Devices)

    Hello, I recently installed 3 pairs of of the ScreenBeam MoCA adapters (5 adapters installed + 1 spare), configured Network Privacy, ip addresses through DHCP on the same LAN as the network I wanted to extend. They have been working fine overall l without major issues. However, today, out of...
  2. W

    MoCA POE filter with AT&T twisted pair drop

    installed Hitron Bonded MoCA 2.5 Adapter for Ethernet Over Coax (2-Pack), connecting AT&T residential gateway to Apple TV one floor below. Working fine, but literature indicates many benefits of having a MoCA POE filter in place. Such filters connect at the point of the incoming coax drop...
  3. IAVV

    Matching MoCA adapter brand to the modem?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to set up a MoCA network in my new home (new to the concept, haven't set one up before); and, though I'm confident on how to set this up correctly, I had one question about which brand of adapter to go with. I have a Hintron DOCSIS 3.1 E31N2V1, with Spectrum as my...
  4. GovtCheese

    MoCA POE Filter Goes Where in Picture?

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Need help updating the coax cable box. Given the following (but not married to any of them): ASUS MA-25 2 Pack PPC SNLP-1GCW MoCA POE Coax Filter Cable Matters 2.4 Ghz 4-Way Coaxial Cable Splitter My thoughts were to swap out the SV-4G with the Cable...
  5. N

    Recommend MoCA 2.5 4-port Splitter ?

    I've just recived and tested screenbeam 2.5 MoCA adapters by connecting them using a coaxial cable and verified that the adapters do work. Currently, I have this setup which was leftover from my previous cable modem setup. However, now I currently have fiber FTTH and no longer use Coaxial setup...
  6. kelllogg9

    MOCA 2.5 Help Needed - Why Are my Speeds Slow in 1 Direction?

    I have the ScreenBeam (ActionTec) ECB7500 (moca 2.5) I have two PCs (both Win11 Pro). Both have the same specs. When i transfer from PC1 to PC2 across the 2.5Gbps network i get 285MB/s. However, when transferring the same file (after clearing the system file cache via RAMMap) from PC2 to PC1...
  7. Barddzen

    MoCA Setup from Media Panel in Garage

    Hello, MoCA noob here. I currently have my ISP modem setup in bridge mode to an Eero wireless mesh and it generally works. Current network speeds Eero garage: 600+ mbps Eero MBR: up to 400 mbps Eero Sun Room: up to 200 mbps I’ve tested these across multiple devices and I get these speeds on...
  8. kelllogg9

    Is this PoE Moca Filter Good to Use?

    Looking for an affordable PoE filter that will ALSO provide an performance boost via reflecting back the moca signal. Brand: BELDON PPC Moca (SNLP-1GCW) This one is only $4 (CAD) free ship, but only supports the 1125-1525Mhz range vs say the Altronix GLF-1002...
  9. D

    Can’t connect MoCA

    I have Spectrum internet and I want to connect MoCA in my house to create a two room network. I have two gocoax adapters. First one is hooked to the coax wall, with the out port going to the modem. I then have the modem connected to a router and the moca adapter connected to the router. In the...
  10. R

    Help with building my MoCA network

    Hello, I have dsl from AT&T which is very slow by today's standards. I'm thinking about subscribing to xfinity internet from Comcast because my father refuses to let AT&T drill a hole in our wall to get fiber. For now I think I'm going to get the 400 mbps down 10 mbps upload package they offer...
  11. D

    Translite Global TL-MC84 MOCA 2.5 not working with my Xfinity 1GBPS plan with dedicated switch and router

    Hello Everyone, I am using Xfinity 1GBPS net plan and my setup has a dedicated switch(SB8200) and Router TP LINK Archer AX6000 My Setup: I have a coax port(Xfinity Internet) which connects to modem and then ethernet LAN1 of modem to my router WAN port. I now want to use MOCA 2.5 in my media...
  12. M

    Moca doesnt work

    Hi so i recently got 2 go coax adapters. Hooked one up at my router . (Coax from the wall to the adapter ) then i plugged the ether net into the router and also the adapter . Then i went upstairs and hooked the coax from the wall into the 2nd adapter and then ran the ethernet from the adapter to...
  13. S

    Help with MoCA Setup

    I'm setting up a MoCA 2.5 network at my house for the first time and have a few questions I'm hoping the experts here can help my with before I start. First off, my house seems like it is wired perfectly for MoCA. I have six separate runs of RG6 coax, all of which terminate in my garage where...
  14. WhiteZero

    MoCA effectively operates at half-duplex internally? Performance using 3+ devices?

    I'm preparing to buy a new house and planning out my network. It was built in 2003 and has coax outlets in just about every room, so I'm thinking MoCA will be a good solution for me, at least until I can evaluate the possibility of running CAT6 everywhere. I've been spending the past week...
  15. P

    MOCA network verification?

    Hi All, I am just jumping into MOCA and am not sure if I am implementing it properly. Can someone have a look at my network diagram and let me know if it will work? Any help is appreciated!!