Replace Asus rt5300 by GT-AX6000?


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I am thinking on replace my current asus RT-ac5300.
My current configuration is:
- asus RT-ac5300
- Cable provider with symmetric 1GB.
- It is running merlin.

- Gaming desktop with 2,5gb network card.
- Macbook pro.
- little swith with
- NAS.
- Phillips Hue bridge.
- Sometimes a console.

Wifi guest (2,4gz) isolated of my main network:
- robot vaccuum
- Air fryer
- air purifier

Wifi (2,4ghz)
- printer

Wifi band 1 (5ghz)
- Three google home mini (or nest mini)
- 2 chromecast (with a lot of use)

Wifi band 2 (5ghz)
- 2 iphone (with wifi 6 support)
- 2 macbook (wifi wifi 6 support)

I really do not know if I need a triband router. I like to separate device with low requeriments with the higher ones. But having in mind my devices, maybe there is no real ganancy.
I dont neither know if a router with a 2,5ghz lan port to use with my desktop would improve the latency. My desktop supports 2,5gb so I like to use with a 2,5 router.
I like to play online and usually share my connection with chromecast streaming video.

One of the computers are using remote desktop for work every day.

So, would replacing my ac500 improve my network?
I am thinking in ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX6000, which has 2,5gb port and wifi 6 but it is not triband.
I am afraid of worsening the coverage of wifi since many of my devices are connected by wifi. Ac5300 have 8 antennas commpared to 4 in ax6000.

Or If it works, do not touch it. I currently do not have issues (resets or drops) with wifi connection.

Thank you.


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RT-AC5300 won't receive 388 firmware update. Security updates on 386 firmware only and eventually. GT-AX6000 is MUCH newer and faster hardware router with available 388 firmware and expected longer support. Get one from a store with good return policy and test it in your Wi-Fi environment.


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Having in mind security updates, It makes sense to upgrade to GT-ax6000 (or another router).

Looking for prices, I've seen the rt-ax89x for 10€ more.

I think I prefer the gt-ax6000, but should I consider choosing rt-ax89x before rgt-ax6000?


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Hi again. I am testing the gt-ax6000 in my secondary home and it is running fine. It seems fast and reliable but I can not force it to much.

I do not have a lot of network knowledge but I'd like to ask you one more thing.

I'm still thinking over a tri band router. Havind in mind that my devices are of all kind (air fryer to air vaccuum to chromecast to MacBook Pro), I fear the 5ghz band would be penalized by my slowest device. I like tri band to separate those slow devices into a single band and connect the others to another 5ghz band. I like too to be able to set different frequencies for each band.
I am planning to move soon, then I will increase the number of my IOT devices.

I am unable to find advantages and disadvantages over to chose dual bind /tri band router which helps me to choose.

I am thinking on ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Pro
- plus third 5ghz band (I do not need a triband with a 6ghz band)
- more antenas, 4 vs 8
- plus 10gb port instead of 2,5 (more futureproof)
- +200€ expensive.

I do not plan to use airmesh. The ac5300 (current router) would be used in another house.

Thank you.
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If the GT-AX6000 is working fine, don't go looking for trouble.

Tri-Radio routers excel at AiMesh (with wireless backhaul).

They bring little to non-AiMesh use and to me, are therefore not worth the money.

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