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Restore Internet to FIOS router after ONT work

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Please advise how to get Internet back to FIOS Actiontec secondary router, just lost after ONT replaced by FIOS?
I've got FIOS internet, voice, Tv; Asus RT-AC68W primary and ethernet connected to ONT. Actiontec is secondary in bridge mode. After FIOS swapped in a new ONT (losing internet frequently, 8 year old ONT), now I cannot get internet on my secondary Actiontec MI424WR Rev C; without changing any settings. I've tried resetting Actiontec; disabled DHCP assignment so Asus does that. Released the DHCP, unplugged Actiontec. Then booted all routers/ONT/STBs. still no Internet to Actiontec, so am losing channel guide/VOD. I then tried same settings on a new Actiontec MI424WR Rev I model; still no internet. I did not have them on different subnets; thought it unnecessary. Actiontec given static IP of 192,168.1.2; Asus assigns IP in range through Actiontec shows up on my Asus Network Map as connected. I never put it on another subnet past 6 years; is that what I need to do? thanks!

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