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Router's NTP server only listening on IPv6, yet IPv4 queries still work

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netstat -tunpl | grep ntp
only returns
udp 0 0 :::123 :::* 7216/ntp

yet I am able to successfully execute this command on a IPv4-only Windows client:
w32tm /stripchart /computer: /samples:5
Tracking [].
Collecting 5 samples.
The current time is 1/5/2023 4:44:28 PM.
16:44:28, d:+00.0008360s o:+00.6298746s [ | * ]
16:44:30, d:+00.0007364s o:+00.6299281s [ | * ]
16:44:32, d:+00.0007405s o:+00.6299804s [ | * ]
16:44:34, d:+00.0006780s o:+00.6300335s [ | * ]
16:44:36, d:+00.0007253s o:+00.6300372s [ | * ]

Can someone enlighten me?

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