RP-AX56 whats your experience?


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I have a couple of RP-AX56 AP's that I've used, also in Eth Backhaul, work well, too. I noticed recently that the firmware DL for this AP has disappeared (this morning) from Asus' support page for it. I hope this means that there's an update pending and they're not dropping support. Fortunately I have a copy of it before it disappeared... RP-AX56_3.0.0.4_386_42860-gcedf3e6_cferom_pureubi.w

edit... Curious... the Asus US site does not show the firmware dl link. The link in OP goes to the UK site and shows the fw dl above, similar to what used to be on the US site.

edit 2... Asus US site now showing the fw dl...
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If either of you are bored, would be interested in knowing what the performance is like without the eth backhaul.


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Looking at the hardware specs @BreakingDad - best case scenario about 300Mbps to RP-AX56 connected AX devices. This is with excellent quality Wi-Fi connection to the main router. In real world the performance will be perhaps lower than that. I would expect about 150Mbps to AC clients.

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