RT-AC5300 vs AX55 aiMesh setup

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Hoping for some advice here. I have had an RT-AC5300 for years now. I've just ordered an AX55 on special. My plan is a three node aiMesh setup in a long house, one at one end (where the fibre internet comes in), one centrally and one at the far end of the house. There will be ethernet backhaul between them all (but only one cable so impossible to easily make the central house device the router). The house is external double brick and internal single brick (mainly)

I'm wondering which of these two devices is 1) a better router and 2) would provide better wireless coverage. Ideally I would place the better router at the fibre end of the house (where it will be in charge of routing) and the better wireless coverage option centrally. If one is superior at both things then I'll just have to choose!

Appreciate your advice

EDIT: The third node/AP is a RT-AC66U B1 which will be placed at the far end regardless as it is neither the best router nor the best for WiFi coverage
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Further reading and I believe now there is also the fact that:

1) If AX55 is the router I lose the second 5ghz channel on the RT-AC5300
2) If the RT-AC5300 is the router I lose the WiFi 6 capabilities of the AX55

I may be totally wrong on this...?


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your AC5300 should be main router and ax55U and AC66U_B1 as Nodes

AC5300 have better wi-fi speed as AC (2100Mbit) than AX55U as AX (only 1200Mbit) and do not have USB

in the future I would plan to replace AC5300 with AX86U if it will be to week for your need or will not be supported any more.

You can try to use AsusWRT and/ or RMerlin on Ac5300 and AC66U_B1 - for same AiMesh working better (stable, no disconnect) on different soft.

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