RT-AC68U 386.4 upgrade error


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I have a RT-AC68U running 386.3_2 Merlin firmware. When I try to upgrade it to 386.4, I get the following error:

Invalid Firmware Upload
Firmware upgrade unsuccessful. This might result from incorrect image or error transmission, please check the model name RT-AC68U and version of firmware from support site and try again.

The SHA256 hash of the trx file I downloaded matches up with the hash published on the website (9999CD9A12F97F927AF0298A295DCFE269C71E21053E3AE17B4BEC4DCE0A69A8).

Please advise.


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Did you perhaps grab the AC86U rather than the AC68U? I've seen users transpose like this before.


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AC68U has 256MB RAM. Remove USB drives, if you have any, reboot and try again. Asuswrt-Merlin 386.4 loads fine on my AC68U and AC1900P.


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Got it to work. I rebotted it few times and disconnected all devices from the router to get it to work. Thanks for the help!

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