RT-AC68U behind other internet router

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New Around Here

I'm having some trouble with my setup and are reaching out for help.

Maybe some of you know?

My setup. I have a Huawei B818-260 router that has a 4G internet connection, the gateway address of this router is Into the LAN-port of this router I have my RT-AC68U router.

B818 assigns RT-AC68U IP (static)
Behind RT-AC68U i have all my devices. The gateway address of RT-AC68U is From one of my devices connected to RT-AC68U, when i navigate to my public IP (I'm running some public servers), I'm routed to When I'm on external network (work by example) I'm routed just fine through>> Could this be solved with the static route function of the router? Or is this related to a double nat issue?

I'm a bit lost and do not know. Please help :)

Kind regards,


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