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RT-AC68U to RT-AX86U Pro

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Today I replaced the RT-AC68U main router with a RT-AX86U Pro.
There was no need for AX and no need for higher Internet speed (the subscription is 200 /200 Mbps), but after over 6 years of 24/7 service I thought it was time to upgrade.
The RT-AC68U will replace the RT-N66U as spare router.
First glance is that the whole GUI and reboots during configuration changes are fast as lightning, no wonder with the upgrade from a dual to quad core CPU.
Secondly the wireless AC connections at 5 GHz have a higher link rate (the RT-AC1900U Media Bridge now shows a solid 1300 Mbps link rate at -41 dBm and 2x2 devices in the house show a more steady higher link rate).
If you have the budget, it is very worth to no longer buy older AC routers.
The RT-AC68U is >10 years old technology and not a good example of good range AC router. You have skipped an entire generation of AC Wave 2 routers with excellent coverage, some better than many AX models available today. Keep in mind AX 1024-QAM has perhaps shorter range than your old RT-AC68U. Asus doesn't list radio sensitivity in specifications, but some other manufacturers do:


Note MCS11 sensitivity drop and the difference between 80MHz and 160MHz wide channel.
The RT-AX86U Pro will be returned, the RT-AC68U is back in service due to issues with 2.4 GHz.
I have to recall my earlier advise and now say: do not buy an AX router as long as you have a mix of AX with AC or N devices (or AC and N only).
See here.
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I would expand your advice with "don't count AX capable phones/tablets" when making the upgrade decision.

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