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RT-AC86U Asuswrt-Merlin torrent does not work

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Hi all,

I have a RT-AC86U with merlin firmware v384.10_2, with diversion, stubby and skynet installed and enabled.

I tried to search as much as I could before asking this but all the suggested solutions I could find did not work.
I haven't use torrents in a really long time, but recently I decided to start using again.

The download works perfectly but I cannot seed at all. I tried public and private trackers and I can never seed anything.

I check the UPnP and it is enable, I tried to disable both diversion and skynet and still the seeding does not work.

Does anyone else have any suggestion on what else could I tried?

I use a private tracker and I have to keep a ratio of at least 1.2.

What torrent client are you using ? qBitorrent?
Do you see the ports correctly forwarded in System Log > Port Forwarding?

Any VPNs active?

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