RT-AC86U missing settings after firmware update

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I just got the router and tested it out with the stock firmware that came with it (the version was from like 2018).
After loking around for a while i updated to the latest firmware,

After the update I noticed that there were some settings that went missing under:
System Log -> General Log

The settings that went missing was:

”Default message log level”
”Log only messages more urgent than”
”Auto refresh”

Does anyone else experience this? I really want to change those settings.
Any known way to get them back?

Please advice!


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”Default message log level”
”Log only messages more urgent than”
”Auto refresh”

I am pretty sure those missing features are only part of Merlin's firmware and not available in the stock Asus firmware you are running.


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Log level can be changed through telnet or ssh with stock firmware.

Default is 6 so try 7 or some other number.

nvram set log_level=7
nvram commit


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I find it strange that you cant se failed logins, failed wifi connections and so on in the stock firmware.
As it stands now I cant see much in the logs at all... Is it suppose to be like that?

Pretty sure i saw them in the stock firmware from 2018.

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