RT-AC87U, Is it possible to monitor the temperature?

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With RMerlin firmware it is possible. :)


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Download the version for your router from the link above. Unzip it and then compare the SHA256 hash from the sha256sum.sha256 file (open it with Notepad) using a utility like HashTab for the unzipped .trx file (the .trx file is the firmware). (Install HashTab and right-click on the file you want to verify the hash value for).

Having downloaded and verified the file for your router model, simply go to the router's GUI and flash it like any normal firmware update.

After you have verified that it flashed correctly by checking the installed version number in the GUI, you should now do a full reset to factory defaults and also make sure to check the 'Initialize all settings...' checkbox to ensure the new firmware is using its expected defaults.

Now, minimally and manually configure the router without using a saved backup config file to secure it and connect to your ISP.

The M&M Config guide which you can find in the link in my signature below may also be useful to set/change some settings to better 'defaults' too.

HTH. :)


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You're welcome. Let us know how you make out with your triumphs or your tribulations. :)

We'll help you celebrate the former and also help you overcome the latter too!

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