RT-AC88U, 4 ports not working

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I also have a RT-AC88U. My LAN ports 1 - 8 are all fine, other than 5. I don't have anything plugged into 5, but noticed under system status on the main screen the router was showing 100Mbps! Plugged something in, didn't work. All other ports reflected the status correctly immediately on that web page, and passed traffic. SSH into the cmd line, and robocfg show also stays down on port 5. BTW, I am running the latest stock firmware. Very happy with the router, and with this firmware, rock solid, apart from the annoying syslog spamming that has been there for a few firmware versions (I've reported it, let's see): https://www.snbforums.com/threads/portslinkstaus-0-after-ac88u-3-0-0-4-385_20585-update.64755/ I believe this bug is fixed in the Merlin firmware. Interestingly, this spamming is I believe linked to debug checking the status of the Ethernet ports (I think I read that somewhere, cannot be 100% but thought I would mention it), so wonder if Asus are aware they are flaky? My entries were: kernel: portsLinkStaus=0 but now they are: kernel: portsLinkStaus=1 Not sure if that is picking up the now dead port - cannot be sure of timing. If I move the Ethernet cables to other ports, I can also get it to a value of 3 - anyone know what the numbers mean?


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Just an update - after a day or so with my LAN port 5 not working, with the GUI main status page (the one showing CPU) flagging it as 100Mbps even with nothing connected, and with portsLinkStaus=1 in the syslog every 4 seconds, this morning, without me doing anything, and with no reboot either, the GUI is now showing it working (as in Unplugged) and portsLinkStaus=0. So those spamming syslog messages are to do with LAN NIC port status, and 0 seems to be "all fine". Seems ASUS knows something is up with the LAN ports, hence why they added this debug - hopefully they will address the spamming log messages AND the NIC ports ghosting in and out (and failing entirely).


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I'm having this issue with my AC88U every 3-5 months. 5-8 lan ports become non-working.

Switching off device and removing AC power for 1-3 minutes fixes the issue. Disconnecting AC plug is the only fix for me, just powering it off didn't help

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