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RT-AX86U intermittent/random drops on merlin fw 388.1

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what is the purpose of the group key interval ?
Default your router changes encryption-keys every hour and it makes a short "drop/reconnect" to use the new keys.
I was having the same issues with 388.1 on my Asus AX86S; I tried factory resetting, changing channels, messing with other recommended settings and I could not figure it out. Looks like the 5g band was crashing because it would occur with things like gaming, streaming, meetings at work, etc. I rolled back to 386.5_2 from the many recommendations I read and so far (fingers crossed) looks like it is back to stable. The only "add-ons" I had was Diversion which I will likely be leaving off with the new setup.
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changing the group key interval is for security I assume, practically speaking would using zero value be ok ?
my main broadcasts are WPA3, but my guest broadcasts are WPA2 (for compatibility with older hardware).
changing the group key interval is for security I assume, practically speaking would using zero value be ok ?
my main broadcasts are WPA3, but my guest broadcasts are WPA2 (for compatibility with older hardware).
This is a legacy setting mostly used before WPA2/WPA3 when WPA/WEP was cracked so rotating keys every hour made things a bit more secure. Now I rotate my keys once a day (86400 seconds), so you could test with "0" first to see if it makes any difference and then go for 1-7 days unless you have an unmarked white van with antennas parked outside your home every day. :cool:
ha .. can’t be sure they do it the old fashioned way (white vans) nowadays …
i have neighbors at least 300ft away whose wifi is so strong i see it on my scanners

so i wouldnt discount that possibility. i’ll change that counter to rotate 2x a day and see how well that works.

1 hr intervals is a bit much for where i live, and zero would leave a small crack in the wall so to speak.
Having identical random drop outs lasting 10-20 seconds on my AX86U since updating to 388.1, I also noticed (may be coincidence) I seem to get logged out of the router when the drop occurs, when the connection returns its loads the login page
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so what's causing this issue that was not present on v386 fw's ? something must have changed in the fw that's causing it ... any feedback from merlin ?

i'm not overly dissapointed here or bent out of shape about it ... but new bugs or issues are the reason i generally don't jump on the latest software builds/updates - generally speaking - with any type of device i have ...

the router is more important than, say, a smart appliance at home - so i want to keep it running stable and secure and not updating right away unless a fw patches some venerabilities
for me, I gave up on 388.1 on ax86u. there are some disconnections that I just can't fix even after multiple reset and configuration.

I reverted back to 386.5.2 which is very stable in my environment.
Wait for new builds with new gpl. I tested the latest stock for ax86u and it's rock solid on all fronts. Back onto 388.1 testing again and these micro dropouts show in the log but my devices arent dropping atleast not that I notice. Let's hope for 388.2 soon
Looks like I’m going to need to rollback the firmware, got disconnected 3 times in one 45 min google meet.
its been fairly stable for me so far after adjusting group key interval and choosing fixed channels. i arbitrarily chose channel numbers seems so far they work fine.

a few reboots and no anomalies noted but haven't really been watching the network like a hawk lately, ill report back if it starts dropping out again
Reverted to 386.5_2 and been solid as a rock for the last 24 hours. Previously I was getting numerous very noticeable drops per day
Same here! I have tried everything, but routers still diconnects clients en radomly restarts. I am back on 386.5_2 on my RT-AX86s and everything is fine again.
I did a “nuclear” reset on 386.5_2, changed my ssid and split 2.4 /5ghz. It’s working much better for me now. However we pay for gigabit internet from xfinity and I get those speeds wired but only getting 80 Mbps on 2.4 and around 320 Mbps on the 5ghz band. Not terrible but I feel like it could be better. Any ideas? Before I split the ssid I think I was getting better speeds but I’m not 100% sure. Currently only the appleTvs and streaming devices and Xbox, ps5, etc are on 5ghz, I put everything else on 2.4 including our iPhones.
Just an update for anyone following this thread. It’s now been over a week and I’ve encountered absolutely zero issues or drops since reverting to 386.5_2. No config changes at all just flashed straight over the top of 388.1
I have the same experience. On 386.5.2 the router is rock solid. No issues or whatever.
Do you use 160Mhz on this version (386_5.2), do you have channels permanently assigned or auto, or do you use DFS channels?
160Mhz is enabled, Control channel set to auto, and 'Auto select channel including DFS channels' is enabled

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