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I have an RT-AX88U router flashed with Merlin. However when using the Asus App (android) I cannot find the router. Just wondering if it's because I have flashed the router or if it's just the app?

Thanks any guidance will be much appreciated.



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I hadn't installed or used the app before, but I installed it to see. It found my AX88U running Merlin v384.18 right away.

Are you on the same subnet as the router (not on a VPN, on internal lan, router is default gateway, etc) and not on a guest network or have any other "security" scripts running?


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Yes, I am in the same subnet and not aware of any "security" script running.

However this morning the app found the router and now all set up. Guess there must have been a delay after the initial setup of the router and all was needed was a little patience.

Thanks for the reply.

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